the sonnets                                                                                                                © 1992   

During The Butterfly Effect Exhibition in Budapest in 1996, at its very opening, the Hungarian actor, Tibor Kristóf, would recite in his resounding voice the sonnets from the first volume. I myself in Polish and Dóra Maurer in Hungarian took it in turns to read the Introduction to the Dictionary of Phraseology. Throughout the entire exhibition a machine would generate sonnets 'live', recite and then print them. The floor was getting littered with paper printed with Absolute Poetry.

The Butterfly Effect   ---      Tibor Kristóf     Dóra Maurer    Wojciech Bruszewski

  video          Romantica Wojciech Bruszewski Monolog

SONNETS  is a series of works: books, computer installations 
and performances.

SONNETS were created through picking letters at random, which 
in turn was governed by a special sequence of vowels and consonants (to make sure the words were pronounceable), 
the length of the picked words 
and of course classical literary structure.
The letters were picked by an Amiga computer which generated not only the sonnets but also the layout of the book in the TeX language and the version presented by a voice synthesizer.
The first volume was created 
in 1992. In the following years 
I printed another seven volumes, one copy each.

The installations took place in Leipzig - Medienbiennale, 1992, 
in Wrocław - WRO exhibition 1993
and in Budapest
The Butterfly Effect exhibition,1996. 

As an installation, the Warsaw Sonnets were bought by CSW 
in Warsaw. 
One of the books belongs to 
the collection of  L. Wyczółkowski Museum in Bydgoszcz.

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