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In 1990 I co-organized, in £ód¼, the ‘Construction in Process Exhibition’. I appeared on Radio £ód¼, the public radio station, with 
a two-hour programme in which from 10 pm till midnight an Amiga computer would realize a controversial acoustic performance transmitted to a quarter of a million listeners in four provinces of central Poland.

I am full of admiration for the then Radio £ód¼ director, 
Mr Zbigniew Wojciechowski. Something like that is only possible 
at the early stages of freedom regained.



  Radio Ruine Der Künste Berlin Wojciech Bruszewski The Sonnets



POETRY - Adam Mickiewicz
MUSIC - Fryderyk Chopin
VOICE - Wojciech Bruszewski
PIANO - Karol Nicze
BARKING - by dog
PERFORMANCE - by chance