monolog                                                                                                                  © 1993   

With the closing down of the 'Radio Ruins of Art Berlin' radio station, I resolved to revive the idea of the 'infinite discourse' on infinity.
In 1994, in the 'Galeria Wschodnia' in £ód¼ I presented 
a 'monologue', a machine philosophising in Polish. 

Gary, left by Paula, contemplates the idea of infinity all by himself. Both the Berlin Infinite Talk and the £ód¼ Monologue are the same philosophical labyrinth, designed as a 12-storey building with 8 rooms on each floor. Like piles of paper, thoughts litter the rooms. Gary randomly picks one entrance, reads a text, goes one floor up where he again picks one entrance and again goes one floor up. Having reached the 8th floor, he takes the lift down to the ground floor, etc.





The Sonnets Wojciech Bruszewski C.H.O.P.I.N.