text - door                                                                                                              © 1974   

Tea-Spoon Wojciech Bruszewski Match-Box

...we propose that the letters 
of the alphabet should be substituted for the angle at which the door is open and the curve along which that door is being swung; for something so conrete that it reigns over any speculations about the possible meanings the text may have.
The text arbitrarily dictates the construction of the film, and consequently adds to the absurd nature of the door movement. 
The text modulates the other means of communication whose 'rights' it violates by imposing its own ones. What happens in the film (both for the eye as well as the ear) solely illustrates 
of a message in the Polish language.

Wojciech Bruszewski, 1974

film, 35 mm, 2 min. 1974