outside                                                                                                                   © 1975 


     video             Drawing of a Hair Wojciech Bruszewski Installation for The Labirynth Gallery


What I do is based on two principles:
   1. The duality of the notion - WHAT EXISTS,
   2. The beliefs that the mechanical and electronic means of recording and transmission (film, video, photography, etc.) partly act regardless of our mind.
ad 1. The notion WHAT EXISTS has two meanings:
- In the first one WHAT EXISTS - exists beyond me, outside.
- In the other WHAT EXISTS - is a proposition for what exists. A proposition exists as, to put it shortly, a result of cultural pressure. What exists, in this meaning, is a CONVENTION.

ad 2. The picture of the world, as communicated to us by the mechanical and electronic means of transmission, is quite different to the CONVENTION OF WHAT EXISTS, which we use everyday.
Our brain is formed in such a way that it perceives and may make use of only that part of the possibilities of the means of transmission, which do not break down that convention. It has the tendency to make use of the existing rules, independent of the fact whether they preserve or lose their up-to-dateness.

What I do, is nothing else than setting traps for WHAT EXISTS.
I try to set the traps on the borderline of the "spiritual" and the "material", of "what we know and think of" and "what there is".
This procedure systematically followed results in the destruction of the CONVENTION OF WHAT EXISTS, at the same time the mechanical and electronic means of transmission, as the channel which is clear and unlimited by mental schemes, act as the catalyzer for the reaction, while the hypothetical WHAT EXISTS, in the first meaning - outside - as the potential energy of destruction.

Wojciech Bruszewski  1975